Additional information for the News Wire Mexico home page.

Articles and Refresh

The top of the home page will automatically refresh to show when new articles are available. Updates happen about twice per hour. Available articles cover approximately the most recent 24-hour period.

Dates and Times

Update times and article publish times displayed are in your local time.

Article Order

Articles are ordered from newest to oldest by publish time.


You can navigate between article list pages within the home page with the pagination control near the bottom of the home page.


Non-English language articles are machine translated. Translation errors are not uncommon.

Navigation Tip

If you are at, or very near, the top of the home page and click on "News Wire Mexico" in the top Navigation Bar it will take you to the bottom of the page (near the page navigation controls). If you are anywhere else it will take you to the top of the page. This is handy for anyone, but especially someone using the site on a smart phone.

Note for Smart Phone Users

If you made it here, you may already know this, but there are navigation options for smart phone users in the top right "hamburger menu". It is called a hamburger menu because it looks like a hamburger with three horizontal lines (slice of bread, a patty, and another slice of bread). Click the hamburger menu to select other pages on this site to navigate to.