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Dia de los Muertos, a tradition both solemn and hilarious.

**Skulls and white candles are traditional elements of Dia de los Muertos**. Each November 2, Mexico celebrates its unique Day of the Dead fiesta. Although the day falls just after Halloween, it has no connection to that rather empty and highly commercialized north-of-the-border event. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has caused the cancellation of most of this year's traditional fiesta activities--particularly those involving large groups. However, an elaborate _Dia de los Muertos_ altar recently appeared on the corner of _Calle Galleana_ and _Calle Venustiano Carranza_ , near my home in _Ajijic_.
My encounter with the altar inspired this posting. The fiesta has some solemn elements, but mostly it is a wildly colorful and decidedly hilarious event. I hope this lightens up the grimness of these times for members of my blog audience. The first section of this posting will focus on the altar that my Mexican neighbors erected in the last few days. The remainder of the photos will

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partial shutdown.

I almost became a rabbi. Almost. In the late 1980s, I took a series of classes on talmudic exegesis. My goal was not to convert. What I wanted to do was to hone my relationship with scripture by looking at it through the eyes of a different perspective. I am glad I took the courses because it provided me with a skill set to try to make some sense of Jalisco's current two-week quasi-shutdown. Last week, the governor of Jalisco issued an order designed to slow down the rate of virus infection in the state. The rate as of last Sunday had exceeded 400 confirmed cases per million inhabitants. That triggered a set of rules. The fact that the governor took the action without federal authority is just another layer of this tale. But we do not need to deal with the Mexican politics that fuels the action. I do not envy any politician who has to draft rules to deal with the virus. Immunologists know very little about the specifics of the virus or the disease it causes. Th

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Living in Mexico: Another Lesson Learned! DON'T TOUCH WITHOUT LOOKING! SCORPION!

We were doing yoga on our outside patio in Sayulita. It's hot here right now, so I asked Jon to bring me a "sweat cloth". We keep a basket of cloth napkins out on our patio table to use when we exercise. I didn't look at it when he handed it to me while I sat relaxing on my yoga mat. But my lizard brain registered that my thumb was lightly resting on a small coiled object--like the tail of my dried seahorse I keep in a shadow box.
I looked down at the cloth and, in a flash, realized my thumb was on the coiled tail of this scorpion, screamed, and threw it on the ground! I called Jon over and together we studied it closely. Of course, neither of us had our glasses on as we were doing yoga, but we agreed that he was dead.
I said, "This is worth a photo," and I picked up the cloth by the corner, set it on my computer keyboard, and went to grab my phone for a shot. As soon as I had taken the photo, that scorpion came to life and scrambled between the folds of the cloth, trying to hide.

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Hearts and flowers of Muertos.

Even the plastics recycling bins in Oaxaca are getting into the spirit of Day of the Dead. And cempasúchil (marigolds) to beckon the difuntos (departed) and plastic bottles.

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Art IS the answer….

Today I read a forward, sent to me by one of my dearest friends. And once I finished, I felt like crying because I wished the words would continue for many more pages. At the end of the post you’re reading, I have reproduced the whole piece, as sent to me. So if you wantContinue reading "Art IS the answer…"

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Celebrating Life on Day of the Dead in Mexico.

One of Mexico's most important religious holidays is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd

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Carga de hombro.

Acaba de aparecer el libro Treasures of History; en una parte del mismo los autores Peter Snow y Ann MacMillan hablan de los “50 documentos más importantes de la civilización”.

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1384: La causa de la peste.

Nosotros, los maestros de la facultad de medicina en París, inspirados en nuestro deseo de lograr algo que sea de beneficio público, hemos decidido hacer un breve compendio de las causas distantes e inmediatas de la epidemia universal presente, hasta donde el intelecto humano pueda entenderlas.

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Cómo decirle a la luna.

La luna menstrua (que sale de mes a mes como a la mujer que le viene), Rosida, errante, radiante, cintia, callada, semiforme (de media cara), triforme (porque se llama luna en el cielo y proserpina en el infierno y diana en la tierra)...

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En nombre de la cocina francesa.

Las aguas del Caribe viven estremecidas por bucaneros, azote incesante, y los españoles pierden algunas islas. Plumas del enemigo escriben nuevas crónicas y en ellas se halla presente el manatí.

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Cuando esto pase.

En medio del horizonte y el silencio, el encierro hace planes con nosotros; rompe la penumbra de a ratos con la promesa de lo inaudito y nos deja imaginando cómo ha de ser.

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Vaivén de vacilaciones.

De sus tiempos de bailarina, Alma Guillermoprieto conserva dos regalos: disciplina y atención a los gestos. El periodismo, una disciplina de la curiosidad y la observación.

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Venezuela: cuando las remesas superaron los ingresos petroleros.

Hace diez años, la renta petrolera de Venezuela ascendía a 90 000 millones de dólares anuales. Este año se espera que llegue apenas a los 2.3 mil millones. La caída es tan dramática que, por primera vez, las remesas de los casi 6 millones de venezolanos que han salido del país superarán los ingresos petroleros.

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El lamento y la bravata.

Joe Biden, el candidato demócrata a la presidencia de Estados Unidos, ha hecho de la empatía su principal capital político. Su capacidad para identificarse con el que sufre, mostrarse solidario con la desgracia del prójimo, aún del más lejano, le ha valido un sitio de distinción en el mundo hostil de la política partidista.

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El 29 de septiembre de 2006, los habitantes de Khairlanji, en el estado de Maharashtra, en la India, decidieron hacer justicia: restaurar el orden, poner las cosas en su sitio, donde quiere la tradición, vengar el agravio que suponía la presencia de la familia Bhotmange, decidieron limpiar el pueblo. Sin duda, Surekha Bhotmange tenía derecho a comprar un terreno y vivir allí con su familia, pero no se trataba de la ley, sino de la justicia.

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Luto humano y revolución.

Poco antes de cumplir con el encargo de matarlo, Adán tuvo oportunidad de conocer a Natividad, el líder sindical que le estaba causando molestias al gobierno federal. Los dos hombres caminaron juntos por quince kilómetros a un costado de los canales del recién inaugurado Sistema de Riego.

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Dia de los Muertos commemorations deeply rooted in citys past.

To know San Antonio is to understand that this is a town essentially Mexican and that the way to see the town at its liveliest and gayest is to take part in one of the fiestas of the folk. In these fiestas, with the exception of a few severely religious rites, nobody is merely a Continue reading Dia de los Muertos commemorations deeply rooted in citys past

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sean connery lives on.

Time is a writer's worst enemy -- and best friend. I told you today I was going to write about the closure order in Jalisco. But that will have to wait for tomorrow. Or, at least, until later. The newspaper headline this morning has sent me in another direction. "Sean Connery, actor and the original James Bond, dies at 90." Like most people, I have generally imprisoned myself in my house because of the virus. One of my devices to stave off boredom was to pull out some of my favorite movies. We had a Woody Allen Festival. A Star Trek festival. An Alfred Hitchcock Festival. But my favorite was the Sean Connery Festival. Most of the obituaries this morning have led with a reference to James Bond -- the movie persona I suspect most people would associate with him. And it is not a bad association. After all, he was the original movie Bond, and the first three movies in the series would be the benchmark for the rest of the series. A comparison that the other fil

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Up in the air.

Bonnie Lee Black wrote: When the wind blows through the corridor that is the street where I live, I can now hear from my third-floor apartment window a rustling sound, like the rustle of leaves in a thick stand of bamboo. But it’s not bamboo. It’s several strands of string on which my Mexican...

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Invitation to my departed.

These are strange days leading up to our departed coming to call while we are living in the time of Covid-19. With public activities canceled, thus no nightly calendas (parades) filling the streets and our ears, and fewer tourists, Oaxaca is experiencing more peace and tranquility this Day of the Dead season — albeit laced ...

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changing with change.

I moved to Mexico to wake up each morning to have no idea how I was going to get through the day. Life in Salem was far too comfortable -- almost as if I were existing amongst the walking dead. That type of comfortable. I wanted something more challenging in my life. And I found it in Mexico. This is usually the point where someone asks me if I wanted life-challenging experiences why didn't I move to Havana -- or Damascus. And the answer to that is easy. I suppose I could throw up the old F. Scott Fitzgerald trope of holding two opposed ideas in mind at the same time, but that would simply be cheating. Even though I thrive on the notion that death may be lurking around the next corner, I also like to add a bit of nostalgia to the mix. Some people regularly say that Mexico is in about the same social and economic position as the United States was 50 or 70 years ago. I have no idea how data-driven that observation is, but it has the ring of truth for the Me

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Time Limits on Mexico Visitor and Residency Visas.

Answers to common questions about time limits and exit/entry rules for Mexico visitor and residency visas

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Natural Healing Calabaza.

The oldest pumpkin seed found was in the Guila Naquitz Cave in Oaxaca and dates as far back as 7000 BC. Squash has been cultivated in the Tehuacan and Oaxaca valleys and in Tamaulipas since 6000-5000 BC. Its cultivation predates Continue reading

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keeping the franchise alive after moving to mexico.

I have voted. If you had asked me earlier in the year the one thing I was positive would not happen in my life, it would be writing that sentence. Several times in the last three months, I have decided this year's American election could do without my participation. And that is a big break from my past. I have been personally involved in every American election (and a few elections in other countries) since 1952. First, as a toddler distributing political literature and impersonating the political convention speakers on the radio. Then, as a voter, and, eventually, a candidate myself. Having turned 21 (the required age at the time), I have voted in every election where I have been eligible since 1970. Not voting in 2020 would be a break in a long streak. I simply was not motivated to do it. I was concerned, when I moved to Mexico, that I would no longer have the option of voting. But the county clerk of Washoe County dutifully came to my rescue by mailing a Nev

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Nightmare on Fray Juan de San Miguel street, Part Three.

In a story about construction on Fray Juan de San Miguel and a lack of water for some of our neighbors for three weeks I pointed out that the effects on us, personally, had been very minor, so far. From September 30 News: Nightmare on Fray Juan de San Miguel street. Then on October 5 in Nightmare...

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The Gender Problem.

As a rule, feminine words in Spanish end in an 'a' and masculine words in an 'o', and so do corresponding adjectives, but there are a number of exceptions.

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An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Eight.

Begin with Chapter One ~ Return to Chapter Seven Former Governor Thomas Mitchell Campbell, July 1911 Thomas should not have stayed out of the fray so long. The election is too close. Too critical. As soon he heard Governor Colquitt was returning to San Antonio, he knew he was morally obligated to counter efforts to Continue reading An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Eight

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Plagio (Una novela)

En estos días comenzará a circular el más reciente libro de Héctor Aguilar Camín: Plagio. (Una novela). Quien lo lea acompañará las desgracias repentinas de un escritor acostumbrado a quitar las comillas. Publicamos un adelanto con autorización de Literatura Random House.

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Nueve disparos. Crónica del tiroteo escolar que sacudió a la nación.

Presentamos un adelanto de Nueve disparos (Grijalbo, 2020), escalofriante crónica del periodista Javier Garza Ramos sobre un crimen que sacudió al país a inicios de este año: el 10 de enero, un niño de sexto de primaria ingresó a su escuela y abrió fuego contra compañeros y maestros. Nueve disparos es la reconstrucción de este desolador evento.

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Las falacias del informe: construir una realidad alterna.

Ante el éxito que tenía la implementación del modelo de mercado eléctrico y por la necesidad de seguir con el discurso del presidente, este gobierno ha tenido que recurrir a descalificar y bloquear con base en argumentos que no corresponden al mercado.

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What White Blood Cell Count Should We Shoot for?

At the start of my video What Does a Low White Blood Cell Count Mean?, you can see what it looks like when you take ...

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