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Moringa: UNAM study reveals the real benefits of the “miraculous” Mexican tree.

In addition to being an inexpensive option for food, it contains substances that lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose levels and help fight infections caused by bacteria, explained Mark Olson, from the Institute of Biology at UNAM

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Walk Theme: Door Knockers in San Miguel de Allende.

**A Poster in the Women's Restroom at Hank's Restaurant**
Okay, this isn’t the door knocker variety I’m referring to, but I couldn’t resist…
**A Hand Style Door Knocker on a Very Old Door**
Door knockers are an old tradition in San Miguel de Allende _centro_ , many on ancient doors. They are good subjects for interesting photographs while exploring. Yesterday, during our one-mile walk downtown, I made it my ‘Walk Theme’, trying to see how many different styles I could find.
We continued our walk onward toward Hank’s restaurant, enjoying the Spanish colonial architecture along the way. Then we each enjoyed grilled salmon and fresh green salad with our wine, a perfect ending for a lovely walk.
**I invite you to take a look at my updated “Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico” website. Please let me know what you think. **
**____****__I’m excited to tell you__ that Book 1 of my “In Sickness and In Health Novels” series has done exceptionally well this week, thanks to my new read

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Morelia invests 28 million pesos for the COVID-19 pandemic; confirm death of a city council worker.

The resources have been allocated to actions to mitigate the contagion, but most of it has been for food support programs.

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Superfoods of Mexico… Would you eat them?

Check out the 10 Mexican superfoods that are perfect for your diet. Mexicans are used to consuming superfoods such as nopales, beans, and chile on a regular basis. In Mexico, there is a broad and rich variety of foods that we can –and should- include in our diet. Many Mexican foods are so nutritious that ...

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Avocados: from Mexico to the world.

Avocado toast is all the rage north of the border but it’s been a staple here in Puerto Vallarta for as long as we can remember. Some smart people suddenly thought of this new use for avocados and it now appears on breakfast menus in small cafés to fine restaurants. It’s a simple recipe: Toast ...

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Law against junk food: petition launched for governor Alejandro Murat to publish it in Oaxaca.

The reform was already approved on August 5 by the local Congress of the entity

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This is the hamburger that a grandmother kept for 24 years in her closet looks like.

This grandmother says she bought this food in 1996, so she believed that when she opened the bag it would be in a state of decomposition

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He leaves his job to dedicate himself to exploring forests and drinking whiskey throughout the United States.

In parallel, and in his spare time, Woodruff decided to "combine my two passions: hiking and whiskey" and with a 19-year-old bottle of Glenfiddich (aged in barrels formerly used for Borubon) in his backpack he reached a waterfall in the River Rockaway River.

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Mercury in the body: what you should do to avoid accumulating too much.

It is a type of mercury whose intake, mainly through contaminated fish and shellfish, can produce harmful effects

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Guadalajara closes restaurant-bar for inspection of 208 establishments.

City Council verifies the application of sanitary measures against COVID-19

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They will carry out in October "Regional Bread Craft Contest" in Acámbaro.

Bakeries must participate in the different categories of bread such as: white bread, traditional carving, traditional ranchero, creative figure, pulque or mead bread, mesquite bread, among others.

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70% of stores open in Plaza del Comercio.

As of this weekend, 70% of the premises of the Plaza del Comercio Popular will be able to open their doors, including in the food area, following all safety and hygiene measures

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To protect themselves from the pandemic, the basic food basket is now more expensive for Michoacans.

The “new normal” in families includes allocating a monthly resource to buy antibacterial gel, alcohol, sanitizer, face masks and other products

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The State of the American Restaurants, City by City.

New York City, San Francisco, Honolulu are still down over 80% from a year ago in terms of “seated diners.” Then there is the “LN-shaped” recovery in Pittsburgh.

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Puppy shares hungry kitten his food.

This pussycat has no home or owner, which caused compassion for which Pudding did not hesitate for a second to give him his food

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Tortilla maker equips classroom in back of a truck for kids without resources.

Furnished with a desk, TV, laptop, smartphones and notebooks, the truck is an improvised classroom in the Mexico City borough of Tlalpan.

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(Video) Restaurant burns down in the Analco neighborhood.

The fire left large material losses

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Rains unearth more than 600 thousand turtle eggs in Michoacán.

It is hoped that more animals will arrive to spawn in the months of September, October and November.

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After an agreement with the SAT, Grupo Modelo paid millionaire debt in back taxes.

The Mexican beer company contributed approximately 2,000 million pesos for fiscal years 2013, 2014 and 2016

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The law that prohibits junk food in Oaxaca is stuck.

Local Congress pressures the governor to publish it while businessmen oppose

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Restaurant is unable to install tables on public roads because it is a pedestrian crossing.

The authorization to place furniture in public spaces was approved for 8 businesses located in the historic center

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They are grandparents an example of work and effort.

Motivated by love for their family, many celebrated their day in their struggle to get bread; Norma Martínez, Don Carlos Pérez and Don José Luis share their stories

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Trailer with 15 tons of eggs overturns and residents wanted to steal the merchandise in Juventino Rosas.

A trailer with 15 tons of eggs overturned in the San Antonio de las Maravillas community, where residents tried to take the merchandise.

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Meet the Netflix premieres in Mexico during September.

Mexico City.- The month of September on Netflix comes with everything in terms of series premieres, Oscar-winning films, as well as documentaries that address various genres. They stand out Parasites, Henola Holmes, The chronicles of the taco: Volume 2 and The post: the dark secrets of the pentagon. We started with the series, with the ...

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COMUDE registers the visit of 10 thousand users in just two weeks.

Users can now make use of the athletics tracks, pool, gym, tennis and nutrition and physiotherapy services are the open spaces so far

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No internet at home? Salmantino supports students to take virtual classes.

The restaurant-bar 'El Chalé' offers Salamanca children a special area for them to take their classes; breakfast is free for minors.

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Do not make national celebrations: Civil Protection.

According to the agreement of the Technical Health Committee, the restaurants must close their doors at eleven o'clock at night and fulfill a capacity of 50% of their capacity

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A Different Approach, More Benefits.

For 35 years, Feed the Hungry (FTH) has been dedicated to alleviating childhood hunger by providing hot, healthy meals every school day in the school kitchens they operate in 36 mostly rural communities. Before COVID-19, FTH was serving as many as 5,000 meals daily—nearly one million meals each year. When the schools closed because of the pandemic, the organization had two options: stop operating or innovate—even if it had to be done without the full force of its some 100 volunteers.
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Restaurants in Irapuato were not affected by closures.

Home delivery was one of the factors why they did not have so many low sales

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Bacon donuts? Here we tell you how to prepare them!

Monogram Ambassador Chef Pablo Carrera Shares Recipe To Celebrate International Bacon Day

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Benditto Bocatto.

Benditto Bocatto is an Italian restaurant serving some of the most typical dishes. They specialize in pizzas, pastas, and different cuts of meat which are all prepared on the premises.
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These are the adulterated vegetable oils detected by Profeco.

The brands with irregularities do not represent a risk for the consumer, but a deception because it is not what the product offers on its label

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Continues support for families affected by the pandemic in Salvatierra.

Salvatierra Gto.- The municipal government of Salvatierra continues to benefit Salvatierra families that are still being affected in their economy as a result of COVID-19. Municipal President Karla Alejandrina Lanuza Hernández provided support for food pantries to families of musicians, mothers of family from a sewing workshop, retired from the ...

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