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Published August 13, 2020 5:40 pm (Mexico City time).

In the CdMx they murder a carpenter and leave a message: "Stop recording women in the subway"

Raúl Munguía, 50, had not been seen since the weekend, so a relative went to look for him; found him dead
The entry At CdMx they murder a carpenter and leave a message: “Stop recording women in the subway” was first published in La Voz de Michoacán.

Published by La Voz de Michoacán at August 13, 2020 5:31 pm.

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Potential COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University will be produced in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A potential COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University will be produced in Mexico if its advanced trials are successful and it receives regulatory approval, the government said Thursday. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the agreement with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which also provides for production in Argentina, should result in a ...

Published by San Miguel Times at August 13, 2020 5:09 pm.

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Tortas Dolly.

Tortas Dolly was born out of the idea of returning to traditional sandwiches such as the ones in Mexico City and Puebla. Everything starts with a good base, which is the bread, just as you start with the good tortilla to make a good taco.
La entrada Tortas Dolly se publicó primero en Atención San Miguel.

Published by Atención San Miguel at August 13, 2020 4:42 pm.

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Héctor Herrera's Atlético de Madrid succumbed to RB Leipzig.

Mexico City (However / Redacción) .- The German RB Leipzig, with goals from the Spanish Dani Olmo and the American Tyler Adams, beat Atlético de Madrid (2-1), which came to tie one with a penalty goal from Portuguese Joao Félix, to reach the semifinals of the soccer Champions League for the first time in its history. The Mexican Héctor Herrera barely completed ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 4:40 pm.

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Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland surprise in the first trailer of The Devil at All Hours, from Netflix.

Mexico City, (However) .- "How and why people from two points on a map without a straight line between them can be connected", questions the first trailer of The Devil at All Hours, a film by director Antonio Campos for Netflix . The trailer shared by the streaming platform is set between World War II and the Vietnam War. The ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 4:36 pm.

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Víctor Manuel Vucetich takes the reins of the Chivas, it is the biggest challenge.

Mexico City (However) .– What was an open secret was finally confirmed, the Mexican coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich is the new strategist of the Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara replacing Luis Fernando Tena, who was fired at the weekend past after losing to Puebla. The Herd announced the news through a dynamic ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 3:52 pm.

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CDMX invests 864 million pesos in mobility projects for people with disabilities.

Between 2019 and 2020, audible pedestrian traffic lights, sidewalks with accessibility and safe crossings for people with disabilities were placed in CDMX

Published by Infobae at August 13, 2020 3:16 pm.

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In Mexico, the vaccine against Covid-19 will be free for everyone: AMLO.

Mexico City.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the most humble and poorest population in Mexico is guaranteed the vaccine against Covid-19. "All Mexicans will have access to the vaccine, and there should be no concern for poor people, the poorest people are guaranteed the vaccine, the poorest people and not ...

Published by CSC Noticias at August 13, 2020 2:24 pm.

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Mexico will have access to a vaccine between 6 and 7 months before; Phase 3 is presented in November.

Mexico City.- Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations, pointed out that the agreement reached between the Carlos Slim Foundation, the University of Oxford, the AstraZeneca laboratory and the governments of Mexico and Argentina is significant since the Covid vaccine will be produced -19 in the country non-profit and with an access between 6 and ...

Published by CSC Noticias at August 13, 2020 1:14 pm.

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Fox fined for allowing wedding on his ranch during Pandemic.

Mexico City.- The Municipal Presidency fined the Fox Center, run by former President Vicente Fox and his wife Marta Sahagún, for renting the property for a wedding celebration last Saturday, despite the prohibition of such events for the Covid-19 pandemic. The penalty imposed is for the amount of ...

Published by CSC Noticias at August 13, 2020 12:50 pm.

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Drake Bell responds to his ex-girlfriend's accusations and denies abusing her.

Mexico City.- Drake Bell has denied the abuse allegations that his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Lingafelt, said he made, reported NME. In a video posted to social media Wednesday, Lingafelt, whose TikTok alias is Jimi Ono, accused Bell of verbally and physically abusing her. "First, I would like to start by saying that I don't really ...

Published by CSC Noticias at August 13, 2020 12:44 pm.

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Portrait of a woman on fire, one of the best films of the year, hits Mexican theaters.

Mexico City, (However) .- After winning the award for best screenplay at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, the feature film Portrait of a Woman on Fire hits the big screen along with the reopening of theaters in Mexico. The film directed by Céline Sciamma, an acclaimed French director, tells the story of femininity lost in history, with ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 12:35 pm.

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He commits suicide due to the lack of sex with his wife and the Police arrest the widow.

Mexico City.- A resident of the Indian city of Ahmedabad was arrested on suspicion of "incitement to suicide" after her husband took his life for lack of sex, reports the Times of India. The complaint against Geeta Parmar, 32, was filed on August 6 by her mother-in-law, Muli ...

Published by CSC Noticias at August 13, 2020 12:34 pm.

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HBO Extras launches new interface that allows you to delve into the series with exclusive content.

Mexico City, (However). HBO announced this Thursday the launch of a new user interface named HBO Extras for Latin America and the Caribbean as of August 16. HBO Extras, free to download, allows all subscribers of the service to immerse themselves beyond the plot of their favorite series by sharing ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 12:05 pm.

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Viridiana Álvarez, the Mexican who learned mountaineering on YouTube and now breaks Guinness records.

By Ricardo López Juárez Mexico City, (La Opinion). What is the most interesting and admirable thing about Viridiana Álvarez, the Mexican mountaineer who has been making history? The answer may be that in just a few years dedicated to mountaineering, you have already conquered Mount Everest. Or that it is the woman who least ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 11:15 am.

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Deaths by Covid-19 in Mexico and the United States unstoppable.

Mexico reported 54,666 deaths by Covid-19 The United States 165,909 MEXICO CITY – The country.

Published by The Yucatan Times at August 13, 2020 10:40 am.

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Ebrard: Phase 3 of the Mexico-Argentina vaccine ends in November. A light shines at last.

Mexico City, (However). - The Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón said this morning that in November of this year phase 3 of the joint Mexico-Argentina vaccine could end, and that as soon as the regulatory authorities approve it, the mass production. Mexico and Argentina will produce, together with AstraZeneca and the Carlos Slim Foundation, between 150 and 250 million doses of ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 9:36 am.

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Loret says that EPN sent a message to AMLO: that Salinas and Lozoya, not him, operated Agronitrogenados.

Mexico City, (However) .– Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Emilio Lozoya Austin were the ones who led the relationship with Alonso Ancira, the main shareholder of Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA), would have been the message that Enrique Peña Nieto sent to Andrés Manuel López Obrador by means of a “common messenger,” says Carlos Loret de Mola in a text published in El Universal and other media. According to the journalist, Peña ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 13, 2020 9:30 am.

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Torre Esmeralda, the “secret office” of Emilio Lozoya in Mexico City.

One of the videos delivered by the former CEO of Pemex would have been filmed in this supposed alternate headquarters

Published by Infobae at August 13, 2020 4:00 am.

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CDMX government prepares loans to the services sector due to the economic crisis of the health emergency.

Hotels, restaurants and shops will be the beneficiaries of programs that they prepare together with the Ministry of Finance, Banobras, among others

Published by Infobae at August 13, 2020 3:00 am.

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WHO asks not to blame young people for coronavirus outbreaks.

Mexico City.- The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that we must be careful with the rhetoric that young people are guilty of the outbreaks of covid-19 that have occurred in some countries. During a live broadcast on International Youth Day, the WHO reminded ...

Published by Cambio de Michoacán at August 12, 2020 8:01 pm.

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Mexico adds more deaths from COVID-19: there are 54,666; there are also 498,330 confirmed cases: Health.

Mexico City, (However). 54,666 people have died in Mexico from COVID-19 and 498,330 cases have been confirmed, the Ministry of Health reported today. In addition, 83 thousand 473 suspected cases are being investigated and another 542 thousand 262 tests were negative. “Fewer and fewer people are identified with positivity ...

Published by Zona Franca at August 12, 2020 7:45 pm.

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Health Alert – Mexico COVID-19 Update.

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Mexico City, Mexico (August 12, 2020) Location: Mexico Event: Mexico COVID-19 Update (August 12, 2020) The number of confirmed and suspected cases is still increasing daily in several regions of Mexico. Mexico City, Guanajuato, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and Mexico State currently report the highest number of active cases for the ...

Published by U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Mexico at August 12, 2020 7:22 pm.

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Coronavirus in Mexico: reached 54,666 deaths and 498,360 infections.

Mexico City is the entity with the highest number of active cases, followed by Guanajuato

Published by Infobae at August 12, 2020 7:21 pm.

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Paris Saint-Germain returns to the semifinals of the Champions League.

Mexico City.- In the last two minutes of regular time in the duel against Atalanta, Paris Saint-Germain achieved what it had not been able to in the last 25 years in the Champions League, or as it was previously known, the Copa de European Champions. According to halftime, with the dramatic 2-1 he took from ...

Published by Cambio de Michoacán at August 12, 2020 7:02 pm.

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20 countries already want to buy the vaccine, says Russia.

Mexico City.- The Russian Direct Investment Fund reported that after the announcement of the registration of the first vaccine against covid-19, 20 countries had already sent requests to buy one billion doses of the drug. According to the TASS agency, the foregoing was confirmed by the head of that body, Kiril Dmitriev, ...

Published by Cambio de Michoacán at August 12, 2020 6:44 pm.

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Foreign Visitors to Mexico Plunge 41% in First Half of 2020.

MEXICO CITY (REUTERS) – Mexico received at least 13 million foreign visitors during the first six.

Published by The Yucatan Times at August 12, 2020 6:30 pm.

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Through Fundación Slim, Mexico will produce the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine against coronavirus.

Mexico City.- Mexico will be one of the countries in Latin America in charge of producing the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine, through an agreement between the laboratory and the Slim Foundation. According to El Financiero, this was reported this Wednesday by President Alberto Fernández, noting that Argentina will be the other country responsible for ...

Published by Cambio de Michoacán at August 12, 2020 6:22 pm.

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'The Prince of Rap' will return in a reboot produced by Will Smith.

Mexico City.- It's official, 'The Prince of Rap' will have a reboot where Will Smith will be involved. The beloved series from the 90s will be transformed to show the more dramatic side of the original story in a new version that has been in the works for more than a year. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the ...

Published by Cambio de Michoacán at August 12, 2020 5:59 pm.

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When will the vaccine for covid-19 arrive in Mexico?

Mexico City.- (Source: Excelsior) .- Now that several countries speculate that they already have the vaccine against the coronavirus covid.19, such as Russia or Peru, Mexicans wonder when vaccination will be available in Mexico. It was the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, who announced a few days ago that the vaccine against covi-19 could be ready this December. ...

Published by CSC Noticias at August 12, 2020 5:42 pm.

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